Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DIY Camp Pillowcase Projects

I have the best summer job ever -- teaching kids how to make clothes! This week has been a blast! Tuesday we re-purposed pillowcases into tops, skirts, bags, and a baby dress. The kids got to sew by hand and on a machine, some for the first time... They learned how to make a casing with elastic pulled through it, measure an outseam, and best of all they got to experience what it feels like to wear something they made themselves. Pretty cool!

I took my daughter to the drug store to get ponytail holders so she could show me the idea she had for making straps for her tube top. Her actual idea was even better than I initially described: I though she meant to use hair bands, when she intended to loop hair ties together to make the straps. If you look closely you can see that she sewed buttons on her top so they would be removable. Brilliant!

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lili_bonates said...

I can't imagine what could be more fun than a design camp! Just look at the girls' smiley faces!!!
miss you so much!!