Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clothkits are Cool

Do I really need another reason to wish I was British? I LOVE Clothkits! Again, while I may be late on "discovery" I am thrilled to have come across this on the Angry Chicken blog.
Here is an exerpt about Rob Ryan's skirt design Hold Me for Clothkits:
The wonderfully talented Mister Rob creates his magical shadow illustrations by snipping and cutting away. Hours and hours of painstaking work to make something that is just exquisite. This unique design has been created exclusively for Clothkits. Hand silkscreen printed in London.

Clothkits, based in Sussex, was originally set up in 1968 by Anne Kennedy.
Here is the best news of all! They are having a contest for a new design and the deadline for entry is August 1st.
Gentlemen - start your engines!

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