Monday, July 21, 2008

Design Camp Back to School Collection!

Three of the young designers wearing their designs!

A group shot after our fashion show last Friday!

What a fun camp! Monday we were briefed by the Apparel Trend Director of Fred Meyer Stores on the trends for Back to School. She told us the trends that were "in" were babydoll tops with vests and leggings, big buttons, and bright colors. She made us some great trend boards, and after she left, the kids designed their outfits, took their measurements and chose their fabrics.
The rest of the week was dedicated to creating the outfits - all the kids made at least two garments, some made three, and everyone had an outfit to wear at the fashion show on Friday!
All the campers agreed that making clothes from a piece of fabric was a new and exciting experience.

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Lauren said...


I wish I'd had design camp in the summers!